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<selector>엘리먼트의 속성들에 대한 설명이 있는데 아래의 3가지 속성이 이해가 잘 않되는데 설명해주실분 없을까요....

Boolean. "true" if the drawable's reported internal size remains constant as the state changes (the size is the maximum of all of the states); "false" if the size varies based on the current state. Default is false.
Boolean. "true" to enable dithering of the bitmap if the bitmap does not have the same pixel configuration as the screen (for instance, an ARGB 8888 bitmap with an RGB 565 screen); "false" to disable dithering. Default is true.
Boolean. "true" if the drawable's padding should change based on the current state that is selected; "false" if the padding should stay the same (based on the maximum padding of all the states). Enabling this feature requires that you deal with performing layout when the state changes, which is often not supported. Default is false.

무슨 의미인지 이해가 잘 않됩니다. Help me~~plz