The new v0.6.6 version of LauncherPro Beta is now available on the Android Market and it brings some highly requested features!

Here’s what’s new:

  • The dock notifications have been disabled by default. They were causing delays when returning to LauncherPro from another app.
  • Improved code to reduce delays when returning to LauncherPro from other apps when dock notifications are on.
  • Enabled notifications when using custom icons for Handcent SMS, CompSMS, Stock HTC phone, and HTC Call History shortcuts.
  • New: option to have only one homescreen
  • New: Gmail dock notifications. They should work with both custom icons and the LauncherPro Gmail icon. Option to choose from multiple Gmail accounts will come in a future update.
  • New option to have only one homescreen (Preferences > Homescreen Settings)
  • New option for Home key action. You can set your phone’s Home button to either do nothing, show screen previews, open the app drawer, open notifications, or show/hide the status bar. There’s still the option to have it take you to your default screen if you’re not in it instead of triggering the selected action. This also means that you can now disable screen previews when pressing the home key.
  • New: options to backup and restore your LauncherPro setup. This includes your settings, homescreen icons, and dock setup. Due to limitations in the Android system, we cannot properly backup widgets, so these will show “Problem loading widget” when you restore them. You’ll need to manually re-add your widgets.
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