The Nexus One, originally released on T-Mobile in January, has passed FCC inspection for use on Verizon's CDMA network and according to a Google worker who wishes to remain anonymous it will be made available on March 23.

Verizon will introduce the Nexus One on the day the International CTIA wireless show begins in the US. It's not yet clear whether Verizon plan to hold a press conference at CTIA regarding the launch. Pricing and tariffs are not yet known but our source said they would be "competitive."


구글직원(익명을요구하는)에 의하면 3월말에 버라이즌용 넥서스원이 나올거라 했답니다.


쿼티키보드가 그다지 자주 사용되지 않는 저로서는 하루빨리 버라이즌에서 넥서스원이 나오길 기다립니다.