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Senior Application Engineer


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Software Engineers conduct or participate in multidisciplinary research and collaborate with design, layout and/or hardware engineers in the design, development, and utilization of productivity enhancement layout tools and design rule checkers,  electronic data processing systems software. Determines computer user needs'' advises hardware designers on machine characteristics that affect software systems such as storage capacity, processing speed, and input/output requirements'' designs and develops compilers and assemblers, utility programs, and operating systems. Responds to customer/client requests or events as they occur. Develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education,  judgement and formal software process.




Qualification and mandatory skills:
- Min. Bachelors in Engineering with major in Computer Science/Electronics, and has overall experience of more than 5 years with relevant experience of 3 years
- Experience and capability in developing applications on Windows and Linux like Moblin, Maemo, Android, Limo and Ubutu with C++, Qt and GTK.
- Porting OS and device drivers on sample boards
- Understating of system power management in operating system level (Linux, Android)
- Knowledge of Linux multimedia framework such as Gstreamer and codecs
- Experiences and capability in developing applications on runtimes like Adobe Air, Silverlight, .Net,  Java and Webkit.
- Ability to identify root cause and fix performance and other types of bugs in moderately complex C and C++ programs.
- An excellent understanding of software engineering principles and application architecture and design
- Excellent verbal, presentation and documentation ( white papers, case studies and articles ) skills to interface with and influence ISVs, developers, management and other stakeholders.
Additional Skills
- Experience and capability in user interface design and implementation with Direct X, OpenGL and OpenGL-ES
- Develop device drivers and debug system & application.
- Knowledge of X86 based architecture and solutions porting from non-X86 to X86
- Familiarity with multi-threading and multi-tasking concepts for applications




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