Hi guys.
most of my uncles and brothers work in usa and I live in india.
Two of my brothers work in android.
They said to me about gingerbread that....

It has a highly custamisable ui

Ui is very near to the palms web os

The icons will be in the shape of cuboid.

You can even change the notification bar colour.

Notification bar icons can also be changed.

Coming to the browser,gingerbreads browser will have more speed than froyo.

The browser supports add-ons.

There will be tabbed browsing.

The keyboard will also change fully

They said we can type faster than swype with that.

Every icon changes.

It brings us never seen before clous services.

it improves the battery life very much.

the market app gets fully new look

they said its faster tjan froyo.

The camera app will contain options as an real camera.

The 3d app drawer will change and we can see a new one.

They also said that it improves security very much.

It has an in built antivirus and an task killar.

The best thing they had said to me is that these phones are pre

Thats all folks!




인도분이 올린 친척드립 루머인데요, 일단 친척 두명이 안드로이드에서 일한다고 적은게 좀 미심쩍긴 하지만

요즘 워낙 인도인이 IT 쪽에 많이 종사하고 있어서 충분히 가능할지도 모르겠다는 생각이 드네요.

암튼 가장 핵심적인건 프로요보다도 빨라지고 UI에 3D가 도입되며 보안, 배터리 관리 등에서 더

좋아진다는 부분인 것 같습니다.