Android Commander 라고 합니다.

Droid Explorer 는 개발자용이라면, Android Commander 는 사용자용 유틸에 초점이 맞춰졌다고 보여집니다.



Explore files:
- copy multiple files/dirs between Phone and PC
- copy multiple files/dirs between Phone folders
- delete multiple files/dirs from Phone
- new dir and rename options
- drag&drop multiple files/dirs in to progrm
- drag&drop files/dirs between program tabs
- partitions size info
- bookmarks

Manage apps:
- windows integration
- backup multiple apps to any dir on Phone/PC
- batch/single apps install
- install as private
- update
- batch/single uinstall apps
- uninstall with option to keep data or not

- type any shell command
- run sh script from PC

and more…
- flashing zip and img files
- options to reboot, reboot to recovery, reboot to bootloader, power off phone
- screenshots (beta)
- tools…